Throughout the year many CrossFit affiliates, as well as CrossFit, run weekend competitions that invite CrossFitters of many different skill levels to test themselves physically and mentally. This list is only a few of the competitions from around the New England area. If you have any competitions that you would like added to this list please e-mail:

Next up are the CrossFit Opens! Starting Feb. 26th, one workout will be released per week to be completed in your division: scaled, teens, RX and masters! Registration is open and can be done here!

All Opens participants will be able to judge one another during any of the 5 workouts, however if you are looking to move onto the next qualifying round (i.e. Regionals or the Masters Qualifier) you will need to be report your score with a certified judge. Anyone can become a certified judge by going through the course here! In fact, we encourage all everyone participating to take the judges course just for the sake of having better knowledge of the movement expectations in the Opens and how you will be judged.